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Start with the right sales relationship

In the past two days, I’ve gotten a call from two of the banks that I do business with.  The first one, Chase, holds my home equity line, and I got a call from a woman who wanted to talk to me about my line.  The second bank is TD Bank and they hold my personal checking account and also my QuotaCrush business account.

What was interesting is that both banks were calling me with essentially the same exact pitch.  Both women that called me wanted to call to establish a “relationship” with me.  They wanted to let me know that they would be my “personal banker” and that I could call them with any questions and concerns and they would help me out.

Business Development vs Sales

I’ve been having this discussion lately with a number of angel investors about the title “sales” and the title “business development.” 

In the traditional sense, business development people deal with creating channels, partnerships, and stategic opportunities for the company.  Sales are the people that go and get people to give you money for your product. 

Since “sales” can have, in some people’s minds, a negative connotation, there has been this trend to call sales people, “business development people” which I think is supposed to have the effect of making them seem less like people trying to get you to give them money.  Business Development people often have no revenue quota, and instead are managed by objectives.  So, by tagging someone a “Business Development” person, you, in theory, are making their contact with potential customers less threatening.

Daylight Savings! An extra hour to sell!

OK – so this post has nothing to do with sales really.  Its more that twice a year I sit and ponder the absolute lunacy around Daylight Savings Time.  The amount of money the world governments have spent deciding whether or not to move clocks twice a year, and when to do it just drives me insane.

But… you get an extra hour of sunlight.  Um… no you don’t.  You are just moving the clocks..  But, you save energy by getting up in sunlight.  Ah… so get up at a different time.

Shiny Rocks

Yesterday at breakfast, I started what turned into a lively and quite humorous discussion with my fellow attendees at the National Angel Organization annual summit in Halifax.

My observation is that humans have not progressed much since caveman days.

Oooh... shiny rocks!

Everything that we do revolves around shiny rocks.

  • We base our wealth on who has the biggest pile of shiny rocks
  • We store shiny rocks in vaults and print money based on how many we have
  • Monetary policy is based on how to trade shiny rocks.

My favorite article on the crisis

I’ve been consuming entirely too much information on the economic crisis, yet I’ve remained quite optimistic about America’s future.  Maybe that’s because my parents raised me to be an optimist, and maybe its just because I refuse to think that this amazing country can’s overcome anything we throw at it.

My favorite optimistic article on the current crisis and why America will come out of the other sied of this as an even stronger nation is one I read on Seeking Alpha today.  The article is the 10 reasons the author is glad he is doing business in America, and I agree with all 10 of the reasons.

The Next American Frontier

I think this article is amazing.  Its quote refreshing to read an article about the future of America that is not pessimistic.  As an entrepreneur at heart, I think that this is dead-on.


Why I’m happy about my tax bill

Let me say that I am one of those people who HATES taxes.. and really cannot understand any reason why we cannot stop spending tax money on moronic things, reduce the size of our government, and lower our taxes – but this blog is NOT about my political views, its about my rumblings on sales and sales management.

So, then why am I happy about my tax bill and what does it have to do with sales.

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