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September 2008

Tuck in your shirt

At the risk of sounding old again, I’m going to rant on another “new way of doing business” topic that has been irking me, and one which I think has implications for salespeople.

I see a lot of entrepreneurs starting companies because I work with all of the investors that fund them:  VC’s and Angel Investors.

What boggles my mind, is that I see decent entrepreneurs who get their big chance to pitch in front of the best VC’s, or give a presentation in front of thousands of people.  Its their chance to make the best impression they can as to why someone should believe in them and why someone might give them millions of dollars.

Fear is a four letter word

Someone asked me recently what I thought was the biggest impediment to sales.

I thought for quite some time on this.  Would I say, bad presentation?  Would I say selling to the wrong people?  What about not asking for the sale – I’ve blogged on that..?  Or even something out of the sales persons control like price or packaging or branding…

After much thought, I came down to one common theme on what I think kills a sale and also kills a salesperson:


Swingers make bad salespeople…

At the urging of some of my staff, I’ve recently signed up for Twitter and started following people on it – and attempted to use it every now and then. I’ve also gotten more and more into commenting on blogs and also on places like LinkedIn and other sites.

Perhaps I’m just too old and out of the loop on total transparancy, but I think there is a very distinct line between being transparent and using discretion in your comments.

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