Shiny Rocks

Yesterday at breakfast, I started what turned into a lively and quite humorous discussion with my fellow attendees at the National Angel Organization annual summit in Halifax.

My observation is that humans have not progressed much since caveman days.

Oooh... shiny rocks!

Everything that we do revolves around shiny rocks.

  • We base our wealth on who has the biggest pile of shiny rocks
  • We store shiny rocks in vaults and print money based on how many we have
  • Monetary policy is based on how to trade shiny rocks.
  • Our representations of how many shiny rocks we have are also shiny slabs of metal.
  • We base our marriage promise on a shiny rock – and then seal the deal with two bands made from shiny rocks
  • We decorate our ears, noses, fingers, necks, toes, belly buttons and, for some, many other places with objects made from shiny rocks.

I picture cavemen sitting around grunting and oogling over the shiny rock that we found. “Oooh so pretty…”

Are we really any different?

Side Note: At the breakfast, Permjot Valia (Business Angel Blog), offered to donate $100 to my favorite charity if I could somehow tie my Shiny Rock theory into the first panel discussion of the morning – but I got called away on an exciting business prospect so I missed the panel – but thats the life of sales!

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