My favorite article on the crisis

I’ve been consuming entirely too much information on the economic crisis, yet I’ve remained quite optimistic about America’s future.  Maybe that’s because my parents raised me to be an optimist, and maybe its just because I refuse to think that this amazing country can’s overcome anything we throw at it.

My favorite optimistic article on the current crisis and why America will come out of the other sied of this as an even stronger nation is one I read on Seeking Alpha today.  The article is the 10 reasons the author is glad he is doing business in America, and I agree with all 10 of the reasons.

I would add a number 11, “The never quit, bounce-back attitude”.   I’m still relatively young (at least I think so), and in that time, I’ve seen America and more importantly Americans bounce back from the 70s, cold war, several recessions, the S&L crisis, 9/11, web 1.0 crash, and many other challenges.  Americans won’t let this challenge get them down either.

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