Daylight Savings! An extra hour to sell!

OK – so this post has nothing to do with sales really.  Its more that twice a year I sit and ponder the absolute lunacy around Daylight Savings Time.  The amount of money the world governments have spent deciding whether or not to move clocks twice a year, and when to do it just drives me insane.

But… you get an extra hour of sunlight.  Um… no you don’t.  You are just moving the clocks..  But, you save energy by getting up in sunlight.  Ah… so get up at a different time.

To me its as crazy as those that set their watch or alarm clock 15 minutes ahead to “fool themselves” into not being late – yet they are still late because they know that they have that extra 15 minutes so it is negated.

So… back to sales.  You’ve got an extra hour to sell this quarter.  Just remember that Q1 is one hour less tho!

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