Your fonts need to match if you want to fool me

I believe in sales karma.  I don’t like it when people just blatantly ignore my emails or requests for meetings and I’d rather they just simply reply NO.  So I’m very careful to never simply ignore emails and requests that come to me.

But, if I ever send a blast email, it is clear that it is a blast email.  I personally subscribe to the notion that you should be doing your homework and researching companies to make sure that you are responding in a way that matters to the prospects.  If I didn’t believe that, I wouldn’t be spending so much time on FunnelFire.

Last week, I received a request for a meeting, and I was very busy, and I did not respond.  There are a couple of reasons for this.  First, because I was honestly busy and trying to ensure a successful launch of a major partnership for FunnelFire.  Second, because it was very clear that it was a very bland and generic request for a meeting and not directed at all to me.  The email did not show any understanding or appreciation for my business.  It had no knowledge of where my company was at, or how we were going to market.  All of this information is readily available, and had this sales rep been using FunnelFire – available to him in a matter of seconds.

I still planned to respond because, as I said, I believe in sales karma, and then his follow-up email came thru.


OK… so the original email was clearly a blanket email that pretended to be a custom email, but I was willing to let this go. However, the follow-up email is SO clearly a cut and paste, that I’m not going to respond NOR will I grant him a meeting.  (I do plan to respond with a link to this blog post but that is it.).  What makes it obvious?  The fonts that he used to insert my name and company name into the email are different from the rest of the email.  This action makes it 100% clear that this person doesn’t really care about MY business nor does he care about taking 5 minutes to learn if I’m even a candidate for his product.  And to make matters worse… the product he is trying to sell is about customer success!  How does he think I will believe he knows ANYTHING about customer success when he has proven to me that he is sloppy in his communication with prospects?

This sales rep has lost any chance of doing business with me because he was sloppy.  How many of your efforts are being lost because of being sloppy or lazy?  If you want your prospects to pay attention, don’t PRETEND to care about their company and how you solve their pain.  ACTUALLY care.  Take the time to research them, and their companies problems, and where they are in the life of their company and more.  Prospects are 5X more likely to talk to you when you have insights into their company.  Take the time to do the research.  Fill the email or call with information that helps them understand that you understand the value that you will provide for them.

Fonts matter.


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